Above - the completed project!   

This self build "blog" covers two build projects. The first in Cambridgeshire, during 1992-4 and the second, is a more detailed account in Herefordshire between 2011 and 2014.


If you are thinking about starting a "self build" the events recounted in this blog will give an indication of the issues and decisions you will have to make during a self build.

The main advantages of a self build are firstly, you chose the plot and secondly you have a blank canvass on which you can priorities your own preferences, must have's and wish list. You are in control of t
he really important decisions such as how eco-friendly you want to be, whether to construct in brick, timber frame, structurally insulated panels (SIPs) or insulated concrete formwork (ICF), as well as the overall specification and design, subject, as always, to planning permission of course!


Furthermore, there are many items that are incredibly cheap to install during the build that are prohibitively expensive to retrofit. Examples are under floor heating, "built-in" vacuum units, (all the dust is hard piped underground to the garage - where the motor, dirt / dust and noise is located!), mechanical heat recovery and ventilation (MHVR) units (circulating fresh air that prevents mould developing in washrooms), rainwater harvesting tank and plumbing, sound and vision entertainment systems, light tubes and upgraded insulation levels! There are, of course, many others under this category.  


On moving to Hereford in 2010 we eventually bought our second building plot and started our second project which was the final element of the plan first formulated over 20 years ago. So, in this blog we have chronicled the process and the best way is to work through the pages in chronological order.  Feedback is welcome, just one plea .... none of the smug "I told you so”, wise after the event Kevin McCleod type comments … if you don't mind!


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